The artist with her creations. #paperpsy #gangnamstyle  (at Residencia 8888, Pearl Drive)

The artist with her creations. #paperpsy #gangnamstyle (at Residencia 8888, Pearl Drive)

Long weekend blues..

Long weekend blues..

After 2 Years..

Everyone became friends! At least, for Lenard and Ica. :-)

So glad we all finally got together. About time too!

Hello, beautiful glass of ice cold Stella Artois. Thanks, Kim!

Hello, pale-faced Ica!

Quack, Sophie, quack.

Because we were with the office worker.

Next time we go back to Draft, we’re definitely getting more food, drinking more beers, and taking more pictures!

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A Taste of the North of Little Italy

If we could only have the real thing.. 

But we’ll settle for Nolita!

Hungry Kim.. (Spicy Italian Sausage mmmmmmmmm)

Pensive Sophie..

Famished Lenard..

And Ica’s pizza! She had the Roasted Vegetables with Chicken (because, you know, you can’t have just the vegetables because otherwise what would it taste like??)

Fried Potato Chips are fried. And they were okay.

But the Beer Battered Onion Rings were great! (So great, we couldn’t finish them.. But there was a lot to go around.)  

Sausage and Pepper Sandwich with Provolone Cheese that you can do without. Bread was tough and cheese was cold and the sausage bits made it messy. 

STILL! You go to New York and try the pizza; and if a plane ticket hurts the humble foodie’s wallet, then Nolita’s a close second.

Nolita, The Fort is located at UG/F Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave. cor 29th St., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines


(We love you. <3)  

Play + dinner with these people! (Taken with Kelly&#8217;s Instagram)

Play + dinner with these people! (Taken with Kelly’s Instagram)

Over Drinks..

Dinner at Kabisero with friends led to many exciting plans..

We’ve decided to start a video blog!

Catch our adventures soon! 

Dinner at Sunrise

It’s always fun when you’ve been hanging out in the afternoon for more than a few hours and you realize it’s time to get dinner. Usual place? Somewhere new? Can’t spend too much, what’s too much?

So we decide to all try out the new Sunrise Buckets at Rockwell the Grove!

Their buttered Java rice version.

And the pleasing Wednesday Wings! Half Sunrise Original and half Texas Hickory BBQ, which was great! Tasty and tangy, it’s definitely going to be a Sunrise Buckets bestseller.

Tim was happy.

Kim was hungry.

Lenard doesn’t have time to talk.

And Sam can foot the bill.

Sunrise Buckets, Rockwell is located at The Grove by Rockwell, 117 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Brgy. Ugong, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines